Beginner Data Visualization with Excel

Online Data Visualization Certificate for Insightful Decision-Making

Does data intimidate you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Turning complex data into compelling visualizations and infographics with data analytics doesn’t have to be difficult. Through Beginner Data Visualization with Excel, you’ll become a valuable asset to your team by learning how to simplify the communication of complex ideas and patterns. This makes it easier for leaders across an organization to understand and interpret data for effective decision-making — and appreciate the value your insights are bringing to your team. No prior knowledge or experience in data analysis or visualization techniques is necessary.

Key Knowledge Areas in Data Visualization and Analytics

Through our Beginner Data Visualization with Excel course, you will:

  • Understand how data literacy affects business decision-making.
  • Learn how to “wrangle” data to make it usable for analysis.
  • Present complex data in an easy-to-understand format with Excel visualization techniques.
  • Create maps, graphs, and other visuals that will identify current trends.
  • Analyze patterns by using graphical representations.
  • Learn how to use predictive analysis for forecasting.
  • Create infographics to share data through social media, websites, and presentations.


  • Professionals across a wide range of careers, including project managers, business analysts, scientists and researchers, healthcare professionals, finance and banking professionals, human resource specialists, marketing and communication specialists, entrepreneurs, and start-up founders
  • Any individual looking to expand their knowledge of data visualization and data analytics

Certificate Requirements

This five-week, self-paced course includes guided learning with multimedia, interactive modules, and curated readings. Expect approximately 6-7 hours of work per week.

First-time online learner? “Strategies for Success” is a one-week module that will familiarize you with our learning system before you begin your certificate program and ensure you are ready to participate. Required for all first-time, self-paced Bryant learners.

After successfully completing this course, you’ll receive the Beginner Data Visualization with Excel Certificate. Continue your education with Intermediate Data Visualization with Excel and Advanced Data Visualization with Power BI, launching later this year. Earn a certificate for each course you complete. Complete all three courses to earn the Data Visualization Specialization Certificate.

Course Format: Self-Paced Online
Schedule: 5-week course, 6-7 hours/week
Begin the Sunday following enrollment
Tuition: $995
CEUs: 3.0
Registration Opens: December 15, 2023

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Learn from an Industry Expert

“Professionals in any position need to meet the demand for data-driven decision-making. We developed this beginner’s course to help professionals gain confidence in data visualization techniques. There is no need to be intimidated by the data.”

Ramesh Mohan, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics and Economics

Bryant Value

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Stay competitive in your field by adding data visualization to your skill set.

Acclaimed Faculty

Learn from a Bryant faculty member, data science expert, and consultant.

Interactive Learning

Spend 6-7 hours per week on guided learning, interactive modules, and curated reading.

Meet Your Instructor: Professor Ramesh Mohan

Ramesh Mohan, Ph.D., is a professor of mathematics and economics at Bryant University. He is a consultant in data analysis and visualization and international business and economics. He extensively uses Tableau, Power BI, Alteryx, Google Data Studio, and Infographics tools. Additionally, he has published empirical research papers in a wide range of peer-reviewed journals. A research fellow at the Center for Global and Regional Economic Studies, Mohan has consulted for several international organizations in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. He has also written various online courses for Accenture targeted to Fortune 500 company executives.

Meet Your Instructor: Professor Ramesh Mohan

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