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Bryant University offers professional certificate programs and customized training to empower people and organizations to gain a competitive edge.

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Why invest in customized trainings for your teams?

Your employee’s professional development is pivotal to keeping teams engaged and retaining talent. 

  • Increase production and cost efficiency 
  • Improve workplace consistency
  • Generate team morale, satisfaction, and retention
  • Expand creativity and encourage idea participation
  • Support internal development of leaders

Tailor one of our cutting-edge programs to fit your needs or tell us how you want to grow, and our experts will help you reach your goals. 

Adaptable Cutting-Edge Programs

Everest Simulation

Can your team work together, communicate, and make quick decisions to reach the top of Everest? 

This fun and interactive program delivered by co-author Michael Roberto has your employees play as Everest mountaineers who, over the course of six simulated days (90 minutes), must communicate knowledge and overcome hidden challenges to reach the peak together. Be careful! One misstep can get you medevacked off the mountain. 
The Everest Leadership and Team Simulation (from Harvard Business Publishing) won top prize in 2011 in the eLearning category at the 16th Annual MITX Interactive Awards.


Upskill all your mid-level managers and supervisors together with the LEADERSHIP Academy. 
Gather a cohort of up to 20 employees to take part in this highly engaging curriculum over the course of 10 months. Together, your managers will: 

  • Learn the fundamentals of management
  • Raise their emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Develop the “people” side of management 
  • Explore values and morality in business
  • Enhance your ability to empathize with others

We’ll work with you to tailor the program to fit your specific organization and its current needs. 

Executive Presence

Executive Presence is the ability to articulate your value proposition consistently and clearly while influencing and connecting with others.

Over the course of five days, your C-suite executives will gain the confidence needed to excel as leaders in today’s rapidly changing workplace. Workshops include: 

  1. Leadership: The journey, your philosophy, and defining Executive Presence
  2. Owning the Meeting: Presenting skills and public speaking
  3. Building your own Executive Presence
  4. The Art of Resilience: Critical thinking and “on your feet” problem solving
  5. Virtual Executive: How to stand out in a remote environment

Project Management Essentials

Get your teams all speaking the same language: project management. 

This seven-week program will provide a general survey of all major project management concepts to provide your teams with a solid base from which all their work can flourish. The key competencies of project management—communication, leadership, decision-making, business acumen, organization, negotiation ability, and strategic thinking—will build your team members into competent change makers in your organization who can produce well-packaged products. 

Solution Driven Programs

Ask about how your custom program can qualify your employees to receive academic credits that can be applied to any Bryant graduate program, including the Online MBA.

Identify areas for growth

Is your organization going through a period of growth and restructuring? Or maybe you're just looking to enhance employee skills. We know how important it is to take an active role in meeting the demands of today's rapidly changing work environment. That's why we're here to listen to your needs and help you evaluate your obstacles.

Build sustainable solutions

No matter your concerns, Bryant's expert faculty will design a program that will address all aspects of your organizational needs. Our engaging curricula are designed to give your employees the skills to problem solve long after its conclusion. Let us help your teams thrive.