Diversity Management in Organizations

Discover How a Diverse Workplace Increases Organizational Morale and Effectiveness

A diverse workplace may sound like a simple idea, but diversity in organizations is a broad topic that’s affected by many issues, including:

  • Historical views of gender roles (e.g., societal norms, socialization)
  • Legislation (e.g., marriage, immigration, and employment laws)
  • Demographic trends

Many of the issues from the past have similar or parallel issues today. This course, which is part of the Human Resource Management Certificate program, introduces theoretical and practical ideas about diversity in organizations, increases understanding of the concept of diversity in organizations, reduces discrimination, and increases fairness and equality to employees, applicants, and customers. Spend time investigating stereotypes and myths — and use data to help dispel them. 

Key Knowledge Areas in Human Resource Management

Through this Diversity Management in Organizations course — part of Bryant’s larger Human Resource Management Certificate program — you will:

  • Identify and explain the commonly studied areas of diversity and discuss their interactions with one another.
  • Discuss the legislation and acts that are related to diversity in organizations.
  • Explain the historical and current legal and social issues that affect today’s workers and organizations.
  • Understand and learn how to express the importance of a diverse workplace to all organizations and workers.
  • Dispel common myths and misperceptions about diversity in organizations.


  • Individuals completing the Human Resource Management Certificate
  • HR professionals seeking SHRM recertification 

Highlight: SHRM Recertification

Current HR professionals can earn 24 professional development credits (PDCs) for SHRM recertification with this course.

Course Requirements

This five-week, self-paced course includes guided learning with multimedia, interactive modules, and curated readings. Discussion posts are due on Mondays and all other deliverables are due on Saturdays. Expect approximately 4-5 hours of work per week.  

First-time online learner? “Strategies for Success” is a one-week module that will familiarize you with our learning system before you begin your program and ensure you are ready to participate. Required for all first-time, self-paced Bryant learners.

Course Format: Online, Self-Paced
Schedule: 5-week course, 4-5 hours/week
Begin the Sunday following enrollment
Tuition: $799
CEUs: 2.4
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Certificate Requirements

This course is part of the Human Resources Management Certificate. In order to receive the certificate, you must complete six courses from the list below: 

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Bryant is an SHRM preferred provider and an HRCI approved provider.

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Interactive Learning

Spend 4-5 hours per week on guided learning, interactive modules, and curated reading.

Meet Your Instructor: Eileen Kwesiga

Eileen Kwesiga is an organizational behavior and human resource management professor at Bryant University. Her current research interests include cross-cultural issues, experiences, and outcomes of non-dominant groups in organizations. Her thought leadership appears in Journal of Vocational Behavior, Journal of Managerial Psychology, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Employee Rights and Responsibilities Journal, Equal Opportunities International, and Management Sciences, among others. She holds a B.A. and M.A. from Cleveland State and a Ph.D. from University of Texas at Arlington

Meet Your Instructor: Eileen Kwesiga

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