Leadership Development Certificates

Become the creative and visionary leader who is able to motivate individuals towards a collective goal: decisive and sustainable professional success. 

Leaders provide a vision for the company and today’s business environment requires leaders to go beyond what has worked in the past. To adapt quickly as conditions demand one must be a great problem-solver and harness individual skills towards a collective goal.

Leadership skills aren’t only needed at the C-Suite level. Communication, creative positive problem solving, and delegation all help bring teams together and motivate consistent high performance.

This curriculum helps participants to achieve management success and become instrumental change agents at their organization.

Essential Leadership Skills (ELM 100) is intended for those who are new to a management role with little supervisory experience. Mastering Advanced Leadership Skills (ELM 500) is intended for those who already have a sufficient depth and breadth of management and supervisory experience.

Essential Leadership Skills is not a prerequisite for Mastering Advanced Leadership.


Cutting Edge

Regularly revised to stay current with the rapidly changing work environment.

Expertly Designed

Designed and supported by Bryant subject matter experts.

Thoughtfully Scheduled

No matter how busy your schedule is our self-paced and evening classes give you all the flexibility you need.

Courses Offered

Essential Leadership Skills

Course Format: Virtual Instructor-Led Program

Fast-track curriculum for new and aspiring managers/supervisors focused on skill development to become a dynamic leader.

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Mastering Advanced Leadership Skills

Course Format: Online, Self-Directed

A comprehensive study of the advanced skills required today to become a dynamic, value-based senior leader.

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Coaching in the Workplace

Course Format: Online, Self-Directed

Gain the knowledge, tools, and opportunities to encourage effective employees.

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