Governance, Sustainability, and Stewardship

Integrate environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) into investor and company decision-making. 

Established in 1995 and led by investors responsible for assets under management of around $77 trillion U.S. dollars, ICGN advances the highest standards of corporate governance and investor stewardship worldwide in pursuit of long-term value creation and contributing to sustainable economies, societies, and the environment.

Accredited by Bryant University, the ICGN Certificate in Governance, Stewardship, and Sustainability offers a guide to the theoretical, empirical, and practical aspects of integrating environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) into investor and company decision-making. 


The certificate and its component courses are ideal for investment professionals, company managers, investor relations officers, corporate directors, and other governance professionals. Together, ICGN and Bryant University offer you the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge in this area in a blended learning format.  

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The first course, Stewardship Fundamentals, is now open for registration. View the agenda and enroll today. For more information, please contact Hannah Gardner at 

The Stewardship Fundamentals course will enable participants to:

  • Articulate the purpose of stewardship and connect it to fiduciary duty, sustainability, and day to day decision-making.
  • Employ stewardship best practices principles in the design and implementation of a stewardship program (both for investors and companies).
  • Differentiate between differing approaches to ESG investing and analyze the use of ESG data and ratings.
  • Develop and implement stewardship programs that involve a coordinated approach to monitoring, voting, and engagement.
  • Evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, evidence, and ongoing challenges regarding healthy and meaningful stewardship activity.


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