Design Thinking

A human-centered approach to problem solving.

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly adopting practices from the field of design to enhance their innovation. Through Bryant University’s Design Thinking Certificate, you’ll become immersed in the contemporary approach of design thinking and problem solving. 

Design thinking is both a mindset and a systematic process for structuring a problem, gathering information, and generating creative solutions. Thinking like a designer can transform the way you approach your work — regardless of your industry. Design thinking helps you unlock your creative abilities and provides a process for taking action when facing a difficult challenge. 

In this intensive and highly interactive learning experience, you’ll practice how to think outside the box to solve problems. The certificate is designed for professionals in any field and is scalable to any level within an organization — from individual contributors to managers or executives. Corporate-sponsored group programs are welcome.


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Design Thinking

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Leverage your creativity and tackle complex problems by developing innovative solutions in any organization.

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